10 Minutes To Fat loss & Improved Health!

Burn Fat, Lower Blood Pressure, Lower Blood Sugar, Lower Cortisol, Improve Circulation & Heart Markers, and Improve Brain Function all in 10 simple minutes. And when I say simple, I mean simpler then you’ve ever imagined. It’s as simple as walking, Literally! What I’m talking about is taking a10 min walks after each meal. First popularized by Stan Efferding, one of the worlds most elite nutrition and training coaches. He coaches dozens of the world best athletes in UFC, Strongman, Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, Crossfit, and more. And lucky me got the chance to spend a full 10 hour day with him last year absorbing everything he could teach me on Nutrition, Training, and Mental Wellness. Something he continued to harp on through out the day was the 10 minute walks. Got an athlete with high blood pressure? 10 minute walks! Got a athlete struggling to burn fat or stay lean? 10 min walks! Even for things like headaches, anxiety, and especially digestion. He’d always start his answer with the same advice, 10 minute walks.

So why 10 minute walks? How is something so simple, so effective? Well first and foremost the human body is rarely meant to be at rest, or more in deathly, rarely supposed to have bad circulation. When you move, stretch or even just walk the body circulates blood much more efficiently. This leads to faster muscle recovery, faster healing, and clear improvement in mental performance. The other big kicker is the amount of extra calorie burn and energy excursion such a simple task adds to your day. If done after every meal you will without much effort add anywhere from 30 minutes to a hour of extra cardio to your day and 4-7 hours of extra cardio a week. Sounds a lot more effective with broad terms like that. NEAT(Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) is absolutely the easiest and most beneficial way to burn fat, stay lean, and keep daily calorie burn at it’s highest.

I love Science and it’s what we base 95% of all our thoughts at Hercules Nutrition & Training in. On a rare occasion though, I think Bro Science has it’s place. The bro science for 10 minute walks I’ve always enjoyed is the idea that walking post meal signals your body to create more glycogen then fat storage. The thought is when you eat a meal and continue to be lazy after your body feels no need to use any of the food for energy. Clearly you’re not telling it you’ll be moving enough to need it. The opposite being that when you do a 10 minute walk post workout your body feels you moving, blood circulating, and signals itself that you clearly need energy right now. So rather then storing any fat your body is more likely to utilize the food for energy in that moment. Continue this trend all day and not only will you burn far more calories but you will have stored less fat as well.

Regardless of preference between Science & Bro Science, the results are clear. 10 Minute Walks can reduce insulin resistance enough to avoid drugs like metformin, lower blood pressure well into the healthy range, improve IBS and most digestive issues, Improve recovery and muscle growth, and help burn more calories and fat through the day. The 1st truth is 98% of people hate cardio and dread the idea of it. The 2nd truth is now a days most people have at least one issue named above, most have multiple. So throw the miserable 30 minutes on the elliptical in the trash, prepare to flush the toxic medications you take and Start Enjoying some beautifully easy 10 minute walks today!

Derrek Eby

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