Frequently Asked Questions

Your journey with us is tailored to your unique needs and aspirations. Many of our clients choose to stay with us for 6-12 months, embracing the significant progress and valuable insights gained through our coaching. While some may find what they need in just a few months, others continue to thrive with us for years. We pride ourselves on offering a holistic and sustainable approach, focusing on healthy and enjoyable progress rather than quick, temporary solutions.

Absolutely, we can customize your plan to align perfectly with your available resources, whether that means using no equipment at all or making the most of the limited equipment you have. Once you reach out, we'll have a detailed discussion over the phone to understand and incorporate all your preferences into your personalized plan.

Absolutely. Hercules is the ideal way to kickstart your fitness thanks to your dedicated coach, who will work with you one-on-one to teach you everything you need to know across exercise, nutrition and habit formation. We routinely have people join Hercules who've never belonged to a gym or lifted weights.

Yes, we have clients that have all types of allergies, intolerances and preferences. We cater for all of these needs when we create your personalized meal plan. 

Yes, all training plans are tailored to you so we can make sure all injuries are taken into account. 

Payment is taken monthly by direct debit. It’s as easy as having a Netflix subscription. 

Unlike others, Hercules coaches watch over your progress 24/7 and check in with you several times a week to keep you motivated and on track. With guidance across your workouts, nutrition and habits, your coach is able to provide you with highly personalized, actionable guidance to accelerate your progress towards your goals. The result? Hercules coaching clients make up to 50% faster progress than training alone, and see superior results than average at a much better value.

Hercules coaches are real, accredited health & fitness experts with years of experience. Before being hired, our coaches go through a rigorous vetting process to ensure they have both the technical expertise and communication skills required to effectively coach, train, and motivate their clients. As a result, we hire only 1% of the coaches who apply to work with us.

It's never too late to start a new heath & fitness journey. In fact, the research says the benefits of strength training later in life can be profound, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease by 80% or more, while improving longevity and resistance to diabetes.

In case you're curious, the average Hercules member is 38 years old, and 40% of our members are 40+.

We love people with busy schedules, as our program is often an ideal fit for them. When you work with Hercules, you train on your terms - when and where you want. If you travel frequently, as many of our members do, your coach will create a travel workout & diet plan for you.

No, we are a contract free coaching business.  We keep everything month to month, it’s a good way to always make sure our coaches are bringing you the best quality consistently.  Contracts aren’t necessary in a business full of happy clients. Our only caveat from month to month is our annual plans which are still set up identically just year to year.

No, your coach will calculate and build you a perfect diet plan with multiple options per meal that you will simply be able to follow along with each day.

Hercules works with everyone, everywhere, from any circumstance.

Absolutely! Not only will your diet plan be completely based off of your preferences, but you will constantly be given the opportunity to update your diet based on cravings or future preference.

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