Coach Derrek Eby

Hi! I’m Derrek Eby, I own and operate Hercules Nutrition & Training. I am a Nutrition Specialist & Elite Level Trainer based out of Fort Wayne Indiana. From growing up overweight and unhappy desperate for change, to becoming a near decade long veteran of the Coaching, Training, & Fitness World. This is more than just a career path to me, this is a journey I share as well. Through my journey I have became deeply passionate about helping people gain confidence and self love while earning the body and health they deserve. 

At Hercules Nutrition & Training we believe in gaining quality of life through enjoyable proper nutrition, intelligently built workout plans, and mental wellness steps along the way. Whether you want to be a champion bodybuilder, lean out and lose that unwanted stomach fat, or simply move healthier and feel better, we have the path for you.

Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean. Join the Hercules Community today.

Elite Coaching - $499/month
Personal Training - $100/session

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