How to easily shrink your waist!

Who among us wouldn’t love to shrink their waist a bit, bring our stomach in nice and tight? Me! Literally all of us, regardless of the point we are at in our fitness journey or the goals we have. Well lucky for you there actually is a real answer that really works. Before I get to how we achieve this goal, let’s gloss over the obvious. For most people the focus should be on losing fat around the abdomen by burning total body fat in a calorie deficit. But I’m not here to teach you about burning fat, I’m hear to teach you how to shrink and tighten the muscles around your midsection.

The first thing we need to understand is the Transverse Adbominis. The Transverse Abdominis is one of the least talked about or understood muscles of the abdomen, which is wild, because its absolutely one of the most important. The Transverse Adbominis wraps around our stomach like a waist trainer deep underneath our rectus abdominis(Six Pack Muscles) and your Obliques. This muscle is responsible intraabdominal pressure, core support, and for things like coughing, sneezing, or going to the bathroom. The Transverse Adbominis is also the most important and main muscle used to pull our stomach in tight towards our spine.

So how are we going to utilize the Transverse Adbominis to shrink our waist? First it’s easier to understand how people loosen it up and create a more distended stomach. Just like any muscle in your body, the Transverse Adbominis can stretch longer over time if consistently stretched and never worked out or retightened. Think about the heavy beer drinker you know with the huge pot belly, skinny all over but stomach distended like a globe. This individual usually has consistently overfilled their belly with food and liquids into a stretched distended position for years. And just like any muscle, the Transverse Adbominis will loosen over time because of it. The stomach will stay slightly more distended each time its over stetched bit by bit until, like a huge % of or population, their belly sticks out much farther then their chest.

I know a lot of you are thinking, but I don’t drink beer! Well sadly that one small example of many things stretching out your Transverse Adbominis. It could be over eating to big of portions, eating foods that cause gut & internal inflammation, or eating processed foods that cause visceral fat(fat around organs). On top of all that most people don’t even know the Transverse Adbominis exists, so you can guess they haven’t been working the muscle out to tighten it back up either. I know I’ve turned what you wanted to be a immediate 2 second solution into an anatomy lesson, but it’s needed to understand how we build a solution for the issue. And here it is!

The solution is going to start by cutting down on binge eating and eating foods that cause internal inflammation and visceral fat. The Paleo Diet is the golden goose for all of this and far more in your fitness journey. The Paleo Diet is a combination of only things from the earth, foods that were grown or killed. This diet will drastically lower full body inflammation and start ridding the body of visceral fat and gunk in your intestines. In simple terms this diet choice will stop the stretching of the Transverse Adbominis and stomach as we bring it back in tight.

The most important crucial part of any of this process is retightening and continuing to tighten the Transverse Adbominis in the future. This can be done through some simple daily workouts and actions. The most crucial in my opinion is stomach vacuums, stomach vacuums are a workout where we suck our stomach in as far as possible and hold it there for a few seconds. Their are strategies to enhance this that are easily learned by YouTubing or Googling “How to do stomach vacuums”. Vacuums are the most crucial step to this whole process, but the process can be enhanced by being mindful of your abdomen. Try to keep your core active throughout the day, most people let their stomach’s hang loose everywhere they go which can cause stretching of the muscles we’re tightening.

Whether you’re a shredded bodybuilder or someone midway through a fatloss journey, the tips above will make a dramatic difference to the look of your physique. And over time the active core and tight stomach will be second nature, working without a thought. The Paleo Diet is going to dramatically help shrink the waist but remember this is small scale on the vast reality of what this diet can fix. If any of you are struggling on your journey or simply need help learning the paleo diet, always feel free to contact me through the website and find a option best suited for you.

Derrek Eby

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