Personal Training

We Work Together To:

• Set personalized fitness goals and develop a tailored exercise plan to achieve them

• Learn proper exercise form and technique to maximize results and prevent injury

• Build a consistent workout routine that fits into your schedule and lifestyle

• Increase strength, endurance, and flexibility through a diverse range of training modalities


• Overcome plateaus and keep your workouts challenging and enjoyable

• Track your progress with regular assessments and adapt your program as you evolve

• Enhance your mind-body connection for greater mental focus and physical awareness

• Empower you with the knowledge and skills to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle independently 

What We Specialize In:

• One-on-one personal training sessions focused on your unique fitness level and goals

• Small group training that combines personalized attention with the motivation of a team environment

• Nutritional guidance to support your fitness goals and improve overall health

• Corrective exercise programs to address postural imbalances and reduce the risk of injury


• High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) for maximum calorie burn and cardiovascular health

• Strength and conditioning programs for athletes looking to improve performance in their sport

• Age-specific training programs, including youth fitness and senior strength and mobility

• Remote and online training options for convenience and flexibility

Basic Level Session

$ 50
30 Minute Training Session
Choose Your Own Trainer
Nutritional Guidance
Customized Workout Plans

Pro Plan

$ 75
60 Minute Training Session
Choose Your Own Trainer
Nutritional Guidance
Customized Workout Plans

Entry Plan

$ 99
60 Minute Training Session
Personal Training from Head Trainer
Nutritional Guidance
Customized Workout Plans

Pounds Lost In 2023

Goal = 5000 lbs
0 lbs
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