Simplified Multi-Day Fasting Protocol

Multi-Day Fasting is well known as one of the most beneficial things we can do in our lives for health, longevity, and mental wellness. But doing a fast correctly vs. incorrectly is the difference between a zen, empowering experience or going through a few days of misery. So I’m going to give you a very simple guide that’ll fix 90% of the mistakes most would make before, during, and after a fast. Let’s make this fun!

Step #1. About 2-3 days before your fast begin following a 16:8 intermittent fasting keto style diet. What does this mean. It means if your last meal was at 7pm last night. Don’t start eating today until 1pm. For most skip breakfast and have a late lunch. The other and most crucial part is eating in a keto style, Drop The Carbs! Trust me you’ll thank me later. We need to get your body into ketosis before the fasting starts to optimize its benefits and because it’ll make hunger, energy, and brain function much easier while fasting.
Step #2. The day before the fast I want you to optimize micronutrient, omega 3, and probiotic intake. We want to fill up your body’s reservoirs of everything it needs for the next few days. And the probiotics, which should be taken daily, will add a far higher benefit then normal when taken before a fasting cycle.
Step #3. The final preliminary step for the fast is to drink a shot glass of apple cider vinegar the night before your fast starts. Chase it down with water and head to bed. The apple cider vinegar is going to make it so you wake up with a much lower blood glucose level in the morning which will enhance the beginning of the fasting process.
Step #4. Finally, the meat of this sandwich, time to fast! You wake up and I recommend just like everyday starting with about 16oz of water right away. Fasting is the simplest part honestly. Just don’t intake anything besides water. Only caveats are plain carbonated water, plain black coffee, or plain green tea. Before you go asking about sweeteners and zero calorie gum and snacks notice I said “only caveats” above. If it’s not one of those 4 items it should not be chewed or swallowed. Now that intake is out of the way, the fun part. Mediation frees up huge amounts of mental energy and if done right you should feel very zen. I highly recommend multiple sessions of mediation & journaling on fasting days. You can progress farther into mental wellness with these practices during fasting then any other time. Remember, this is healthy, this is beneficial, and this is temporary. The mindset during a fast is key. I like to remind myself, “I am lucky enough to live in a world of such abundance that going without food is a choice, their are many in the world who live go without food everyday without choosing it” So stay grateful, and appreciate this opportunity!

Step #5. Your Fast Is Done! You’re ready to gorge on the entire pantry and you might deserve too. But hold your horses for a sec. Think about your stomach. It’s been in rest & recovery mode for a few days. It’s not warmed up for this at all. You wouldn’t go for a squat PR on your first rep of the day. You gotta warm the engines up. So when coming out of a fast it is key to eat something small, easily digestible, and satisfying before any bigger meals later. I always recommend melons and berries, after a fast their like candy, full of nutrients, and very easy on the stomach. Trust me, you won’t regret the patience.

Step #6. You’re in the clear. You killed your fast and now time to get back to normal life. Just please keep one thing in mind. You just did an amazing thing to your body. Cleansed it, reset it, and had a huge impact on your general health. If there is such thing as a perfect opportunity to start a clean style of eating, it’s now! Your taste buds are reset and desensitized, your body’s been reset and rested, and hopefully your mental health has improved greatly. Do the best thing for your health you could ever do. Start eating Paleo, and follow this habit for life. If you don’t know where to star and want to learn. I will be releasing tons of free info over time on my Instagram, Podcast, and on this Blog/Website. If you want a more personal learning experience sign up for a video conference or nutrition coaching anytime as well. Always remember “Food can be our fasted medicine, or our slowest poison”. Words to live by!

Derrek Eby

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