The Power of the Right Question!

It’s funny how often in life and in this field specifically we see the same conundrum come up time and time again. The conundrum is asking the wrong question. Recently while working with a member of the Hercules Community I had an epiphany on the subject. Me and this member were working tirelessly to fix his chronic and horrendous case of IBS. As we crawled through idea after idea, ailment after ailment, and attempt after attempt things became aimless, No Results! But then it happened, the question changed, instead of “how can we fix his IBS”, it became, “What if this isn’t IBS, something vastly different”. It was a hard thought to wrap our heads around because IBS had been the heart of the question for this member for several painful years. So we went back to ground zero, his original symptoms, the ones glossed over at this point compare to the daily issues we saw now. And there it was, in this case it was such a simple symptom, “Numbness and weakness in legs”. BOOM! DIABETES? How did this get overlooked, how did this not become obvious sooner? Simple, we were asking the wrong questions. Once the wrong question was asked and lazily agreed with by doctors, tunnel vision ensued, and when he came to me this question was the heart of all discussion. Moral of the story, in the world of natural medicine don’t ever assume you have the right question or the right answer until results are seen. Doctor’s, specialists, and the internet will make going tunnel vision towards a brick wall ever so easy. Cures come from results, not answers to questions. Moral of the story #2, Insulin is one hell of a cure for an undiagnosed severe diabetic! 😉

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